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Carbon Trust releases energy saving

Small and medium-enterprises (SMEs) will be the benefactors of a 7m windfall that offers professional suggestions and enhanced chances to enhance energy efficiency, after energy consultants the Carbon Trust released a brand-new Green Business Fund.

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Dubai initiative to switch to energy

Families in the UAE can save approximately Dh2,500 a year on energy bills if they switch to energy efficient lighting, according to the Sustainable Lighting Initiative. The potential saving by simply switching to energy efficient lighting (EEL) for the whole country is estimated at Dh495 million a year. Check out this for further details about energy saving.

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North Pocono school rewarded for energy savings

Jefferson is among 3 schools in Pennsylvania to get a Moving to the Head of the Class: Energy Efficient Schools Award. The award, offered by the Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance Energy Education Fund, recognizes schools that reduced energy consumption by at least 5 percent in the last year. Jefferson now is eligible to apply for grants to increase energy savings.

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